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Local SEO

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Local SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has taken online marketing to new places, and local SEO is becoming even more vital for SMBs with a local service area and focus. At Pebble Media Group, we pride ourselves on being competitive marketing specialists. Through persistent hard work and innovation, we secure lasting results for our clientele. We do not “fluff” up our content in attempts to trick people to purchase your products or search engines into ranking your website. Our services include producing unique, authoritative content that is geared towards developing your business and your brand and utilizing local SEO strategies that work. Our marketing professionals are committed to helping your business rank high in the search engines, especially on vital mobile searches, and to obtaining lasting results.

Rankings, however, are simply one aspect of Pebble Media Group’s local SEO marketing strategy. Following a comprehensive local SEO checklist our marketing team will optimize your website’s architecture for offsite link building as well as onsite content creation. This strategy will kick-start your business’s online visibility, but it will also help improve your website’s rankings in the search engines. This organic, local SEO strategy used by our Pebble Media Group marketing professionals will help you see better results on Bing, Yahoo!, and Google, driving local customers and traffic. If you only have one physical location but serve a wider area, Pebble Media Group helps your business appear

The Importance of Service Area and Relevance

Search engines are very good at showing your business in local searches based on the city where you’re physically located. The tricky part is appearing in SERPs for areas that you service beyond your own address, because the search engines require physical addresses, not post office boxes or other virtual addresses. If you have satellite offices in other cities, those physical addresses will help your business rank well in searches for your products and services in those areas in search results for other cities with organic SEO techniques beyond typical local SEO strategies.

What Is The “NAP” And Why Is It Important?

NAP is your company name, address, and phone number. This is one of the most important pieces of data that search engines use when ranking your business for search results, because it is the way the engines determine that your business really exists. The key is consistency. Everywhere your business information is listed (cited) online, from a Google business page or Facebook listing to directories such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Citysearch, your NAP must be the same. Search engines consider how many citations of your business exist, the quality of those listings, and the consistency of the NAP across all citations. If you move locations, tweak your business name, or change your phone number, there is a lot of work to be done to clean up your online citations.

What is the Maps pack and why should you care?

Local searches on Bing, Google, and Yahoo produce first-page results in the following order: Paid ads, organic appearance of optimized websites, and then Maps pack listings. Maps are generated separately from organic listings, using a different algorithm. Optimizing for the Maps pack requires NAP consistency and properly managed Google+, Bing Places for Business, and Yahoo Business pages. Without proper optimization, your business will not appear in the Maps listings. Since the Map pack takes up so much of the first page of search results, failure to show in the Maps will damage your company’s visibility.

Getting Reviews

Reviews are one of the most vital aspects of online marketing. Unfortunately, getting and managing reviews are completely out of your control. Plenty of data exists to suggest that reviews have positive or negative impacts on your business, including whether a searcher will even bother to click on your website link. Reviews also appear to have some influence on search engine rankings. It is critical that you are aware of your online reviews, and that you make it known to customers that you would appreciate their reviews. A sign reminding them to please review your business is about as far as you can go, however. Never solicit reviews or incentivize with a special deal or coupon in exchange for a review. This is equivalent to buying reviews and it will come back to bite you. The customer’s experience should be enough to generate a review.

Onsite Optimization Is Critical

For effective local SEO, your website must be optimized. This is critical if your business serves an area beyond the city or town where your company is physically located. To locally rank your business for additional areas that you serve, each area should have its own landing page. These pages must contain unique content that is tailored and optimized to be relevant to each area. This optimization is the key to moving your company onto the first page of the SERPs for searches in any community you serve.

Work With A Professional

If your business is struggling to achieve results or fighting nearby competition, local SEO can help, but implementing it can feel overwhelming. When you partner with Pebble Media Group’s team of Local SEO experts, we can drive your online marketing campaign to new heights, dramatically impacting your company’s visibility for online customers as well as improving foot traffic. We know all of the strategies and techniques to ensure your company’s visibility throughout your service area. By combining our local SEO tactics with powerful options such as paid advertising through Google’s Geo-targeting, we help improve local traffic to your website, ensure your appearance on mobile searches, and encourage more local consumers to purchase your products and services.

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